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Please read the following Terms and Conditions carefully before engaging in lessons with MJ Tutors:

  1. Payment and Refund Policy:

    • Lessons and Packages must be paid in full and are non-refundable.

    • All Lessons and Packages are charged on a rolling basis unless cancelled.

  2. Payment Schedule:

    • Payment for Basic Packages is due one (1) week before the scheduled Lesson.

  3. Refer-a-friend Discount:

    • A 10% discount will be applied upon the completion of the Friend's first paid Lesson.

    • This discount can be redeemed once per month per bill.

  4. Rescheduling Lessons:

    • In the event that a student needs to rearrange a Lesson, they must select an available slot provided by MJ Tutors.

    • The rescheduled Lesson must be completed within 7 days of the original Lesson. Failure to do so will result in forfeiting the cost of the Lesson.

  5. Lesson Changes by MJ Tutors:

    • MJ Tutors reserves the right to postpone or cancel a Lesson. In such cases, alternative arrangements will be made.

  6. Lesson Duration:

    • Lessons are approximately 50 minutes in length.

  7. PayPal Transaction Fee:

    • A PayPal transaction fee will be charged in addition to the Total amount. This fee is included in the final PayPal due amount.


By making payment for your invoice, you acknowledge and agree to adhere to these Terms and Conditions.

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