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The only way to get real results



Not your average tutor.

MJ Tutors was founded by Michael James, a graduate of Queen's University Belfast with a Masters in Applied Mathematics and Physics, former researcher at the Armagh Observatory, and a Nuffield Foundation scholar.

After witnessing first-hand how the education system is leaving many students behind, Michael set out to change how tutoring is done.


The goal was and still is simple. No-nonsense tutoring

"But what does that mean?" is a question often asked. It's pretty straightforward. To speak in your language. Explain concepts using examples that you understand. Adjusting the topic to your needs and abilities.


With many years of experience helping students with AQE & GL preparation, to mentoring Undergrads, we've got the skills needed to unlock your learning potential.

Get in touch to find out how you can start your no-nonsense tutoring today!

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